Flavor Guide
Premium Flavors
Premium Seasonals
No Sugar Added
Vanilla ice cream using Madagascar and Tahitian
Vanilla Beans.
Mixes well with any topping.
Pecan Praline Dulce
Vanilla Bean ice  cream with swirl of pralined
pecans and dulce de leche.
Sea Salt Caramel
A creamy vanilla surrounded by a tasty
salted caramel sauce ribbon.
Triple Rum Raisin
Light Rum Eggnog ice cream studded with Dark
and Spiced Rum soaked raisins.
Creamy mango ice cream studded with a ribbon
of mango puree.
Coconut ice cream with chunks of fresh
coconut, coconut cream and
sweet buttermilk.
67% Chocolate
Chocolate ice cream made with 67% Cacao    
Content. Not exactly dark but certainly a deep
chocolate flavor.
Black Cherry
Black Cherry sweet cream ice cream studded
with fresh Black Cherries.
Creamy coconut based, vanilla
ice cream without a hint of coconut flavor.
Guinness Stout beer studded with and
sweetened with raisins
Rich, coconut based,  deep chocolate
ice cream without a hint of coconut flavor.
Butter Pecan
Creamy coconut based, Pecan ice cream dotted
with virgin coconut oil toasted Pecan pieces.
Dairy free red raspberry sorbet made
with pureed red raspberries and sugar.
Dairy-free lemon sorbet made with fresh lemon,
lemon zest, a touch of sugar and water.
Red Cherry
Concentrated red cherry juice studded with
maraschino cherries,
sugar and water for a
refreshing treat.
Rich chocolate ice cream made with chocolate
sweetened with Equal - 96% Fat Free.
Country style vanilla ice cream
sweetened with Splenda - 96% Fat Free.  
Cookie Dough
Cookie dough buttermilk ice cream with mini
chocolate chips and chunks of cookie dough.
Peanut Butter Cup
Buttermilk ice cream infused with Reese’s
Peanut Butter and mini  peanut butter cups.
Mint Chocolate Chip
Green mint ice cream dotted with
semisweet chocolate slivers.
Strong Coffee
Coffee Ice Cream that is similar to lightly
sweetened Cuban Coffee
Sweet Cinnamon
Mexican, Ceylon, and Saigon cinnamon artfully
blended for a sweet (not spicy) cinnamon.
A low fat and low calorie ice cream.
Vanilla ice cream with dark chocolate flakes and
maraschino cherries. Sweetened with Equal,
96% Fat Free, 2 Weight  Watchers Points.
"He's Not Worth It!"
Vanilla and English Toffee Ice Cream with Oreo
Cookies, Heath Bar and Chopped Soft Caramel
with a swirl of Sea Salt Caramel Sauce.
Buttermilk ice cream studded with lightly salted
pistachios and Almonds finished with Almond
Milk for a hint of sweetness.
Strawberry ice cream with
succulent strawberries.
Coming Soon!
EZ Beez Honey
Many more Partnerships including: The
Naked Grape,
South Florida Distillers,
another with Argyle Coffee Roasters and
Khoffner Brewing.
B to the B to the B
You're Welcome
Small Batch
"Dog Friendly"
Peanut Butter Banana

Coconut and Vanilla
Snickers Adjacent
Chocolate sweet cream ice cream with a caramel
and peanut butter swirl, chocolate shavings,
and chocolate covered peanuts.
Malt ice cream with softened Grapenuts cereal.
Christopher Loves Chocolate
Dark Chocolate sweet cream ice cream with a
dark chocolate fudge swirl and shaved dark
chocolate flakes.