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Menu and Specialties
Ice Cream
Small (One Scoop)        
Medium (Two Scoops)
Large (Three Scoops)
Small Cone (Sugar or Cake)
Large Cone (Waffle)
Pretzel Cone - an additional charge
Pints and Quarts available
Hot Tea
Iced Coffee
Bottled Beverages
Ice Cream Nachos

This may make you question your lifetime
of dessert choices.

Cinnamon Sugar Chips
and a large scoop of
ice cream
with Mixed Berries, Chocolate
Syrup, Raspberry Syrup, Sweetened Cream
Cheese with Whipped Cream of choice.

Also available as Banana Nut
Coffee Sensation

The Rootbeer Float's more successful, handsome

Your choice of Ice Cream topped with Sea Salt Caramel,
Ghirardelli White Chocolate Sauce, and Toffee Pieces
floated in Double Strength Coffee with choice of
Whipped Cream.
Banana Split

Updated Banana Split sitting right above a pound of temptation.

One banana, split lengthwise with your choice of three scoops of Ice Cream with Moscato
Pineapples, Balsamic Basil Strawberries and Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Sauce with house
made Honey-Maple Wet Walnuts and your choice of Whipped Cream and a Cherry on top.
Ice_Cream_33334, Ice_Cream_33305, Ice_Cream_33301, Ice_Cream_Wilton_Manors,_FL, Ice_Cream_FortLauderdale
Ice_Cream, Ice_Cream_33334, Ice_Cream_33305, Ice_Cream_33301
Best_Ice_Cream_Wilton_Manors_FortLauderdale, Best_Local_Ice_Cream
Ice_Cream_FTL, Ice_Cream_WiltonManors, Ice_Cream_33305, Ice_Cream_33334, Ice_Cream_33301
The Flight

Three small servings of our amazing Ice
Cream with or without toppings - for the
indecisive or sampling unlike flavors or

The ideal way to become a raving fan.