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Our Sundaes are Fresh, Premium Ice Cream, complimentary
syrups and toppings with
house made whipped cream.
Our Non-dairy Sundaes are Coconut Based Ice Cream or
Non-Dairy Sorbet, with vegan syrups and toppings.
Strawberry Basil
Non-dairy vanilla ice cream, balsamic basil
strawberries, strawberry puree and toasted
Raspberry Meltdown
Non-dairy raspberry sorbet, fresh raspberries,
raspberry syrup and a splash of firey jalapeno sauce.
Sundae Menu
Strawberry Cheesecake
Vanilla ice cream with sweetened cream
cheese, fresh strawberries, strawberry
puree, Nilla Wafers and whipped cream.
Chocolate Jalapeno
Intense 67% chocolate ice cream with jalapeno and
chocolate syrups topped with chocolate whipped
cream and chipotle cocoa powder.
Chocolate Covered Coconut
Our amazing coconut ice cream
topped with milk chocolate sauce
with crispy rice balls and almonds
with white chocolate whipped cream.
Peanut Butter and Jelly
Your choice of ice cream layered
with Reese’s Peanut Butter Sauce,
strawberry puree and Nilla Wafers
topped with your choice of
whipped cream.
Nutty Sundae
67% Chocolate ice cream spiked with
creamy caramel, candied pecans,
toasted almonds, and wet walnuts
topped with whipped cream.
Vanilla ice cream, strawberry and
raspberry puree, Fruity Pebbles,
popping cotton candy, and Nerds topped
with whipped cream and rainbow
Classic Hot Fudge
Your choice of ice cream, hot
fudge, and wet walnuts topped
with whipped cream, chocolate
jimmies and a cherry.
Pineapple Upside Down
Pecan Praline Dolce ice cream, on a
bed of our unique Moscato-infused
pineapples,  wet walnuts and a cherry.
Chocolate Shop
Snickers Adjacent ice cream, hot fudge, mini
M & M’s, Vanleer semi-sweet chocolate chips,
and crushed Heath Bar topped with white
chocolate whipped cream.
Blackberry Lemon
Vanilla ice cream with Nilla Wafers, fresh
blackberries, lemon curd and sweetened cream
cheese topped with blackberry whipped cream.
The Firecracker
Vanilla ice cream with Ghirardelli white
chocolate sauce, strawberries, topped
with whipped cream and popping cotton
Raspberry Cream
Raspberry Sorbet, fresh raspberries,
and Ghirardelli white chocolate sauce
topped with whipped cream.
Bumpy Road
67% chocolate ice cream,  honey/maple wet
walnuts, marshmallow sauce, topped with dark
chocolate whipped cream.
Secret Breakfast
Our strawberry ice cream with lemon
zest sauce, Fruity Pebbles, and
blackberries with strawberry
whipped cream.
Vanilla Latte with
Almond Biscotti
Our not-too sweet strong coffee ice
cream with vanilla syrup, toasted
almonds, Nilla Wafers, Ghirardelli
white chocolate syrup and
whipped cream with a sprinkle of
Chocolate Dream
Non-dairy chocolate ice cream, floated in strawberry
puree topped with fresh strawberries and cocoa nibs.
Chocolate Peanut Butter
Non-dairy chocolate ice cream, and a silky
peanut butter sauce with toasted cocoa nibs
for crunch.